How are stainless steel square pipes manufactured, and what is the process involved?

To assure the quality and longevity of stainless steel square pipes, a precise manufacturing procedure is used. High-quality stainless steel is first chosen, after which a flat strip is made from it. In order to give this strip the correct form and size, it is passed through a number of rollers.

The strip’s edges are then joined using cutting-edge welding methods to produce a seamless and durable square tube. The tube undergoes additional processing to remove flaws and attain the required quality. Before being prepared for use, it finally passes through stringent quality inspections.

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Stainless steel square pipe manufacturer in India

What is the maximum length of SS Welded Square Pipes available in the market?

In the market, you can find SS Welded Square Pipes in various lengths, depending on the manufacturer and specific requirements. However, the maximum length of SS Welded Square Pipes typically available is around 6 meters or 20 feet.

These longer lengths are advantageous as they minimize the need for additional joints or connections, ensuring a smoother and more efficient installation process. It is important to note that custom lengths can also be obtained by consulting with the manufacturer or supplier.

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2x2 stainless steel tube

2×2 stainless steel tube

1x1 stainless steel tube

1×1 stainless steel tube

4x4 stainless steel square tubing

4×4 stainless steel square tubing

Can stainless steel square pipes be used for high-temperature applications?

Yes, stainless steel square pipes are highly suitable for high-temperature applications due to the inherent properties of stainless steel. Stainless steel exhibits excellent heat resistance, making it capable of withstanding elevated temperatures without significant deformation or structural damage.

Moreover, stainless steel possesses good corrosion resistance, which prevents degradation even in harsh environments. When selecting stainless steel square pipes for high-temperature applications, it is essential to choose the appropriate grade that aligns with the specific temperature requirements of the intended use.

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Stainless steel square pipe specification

Stainless steel square pipe

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Types of Stainless steel square tube

SS Welded Square Pipes

SS Welded Square Pipes

  • Size range: 10mm x 10mm – 250mm x 250mm
  • Wall Thickness: 0.5mm – 10.0mm

SS Square Tubing

SS Square Tubing

  • 2B
  • Satin
  • Polished

Square Stainless Steel Pipe

Square Stainless Steel Pipe

  • Hot Rolled
  • Cold Rolled
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SS welded square pipes chemical composition

SS welded square pipes chemical composition

SS square tubing mechanical properties

SS square tubing mechanical properties

Square stainless steel pipe equivalent

Square stainless steel pipe equivalent

How are Square Stainless Steel Pipe measured, and what is the standard dimension for these pipes?

To guarantee reliable measurements, square stainless steel pipes are measured following predetermined criteria. Square pipes are often measured in terms of their width, height, and thickness. While the thickness relates to the thickness of the pipe wall, the breadth and height are measured across the flat sides of the square.

Standard dimensions for Square Stainless Steel Pipes vary depending on the specific size and application requirements. Commonly available sizes include 2×2 stainless steel tubes, 1×1 stainless steel tubes, and 4×4 stainless steel square tubing, among others.

What is the tolerance limit for the thickness and width of SS Square Tubing?

SS Square Tubing adheres to specific tolerance limits for thickness and width to ensure precise dimensions and quality control. The tolerance limit for the thickness of SS Square Tubing typically ranges between ±0.02 to ±0.05 inches. This means that the actual thickness of the tubing may vary within this tolerance range.

Similarly, the tolerance limit for the width of SS Square Tubing ranges from ±0.005 to ±0.02 inches. Adhering to these tolerance limits ensures consistency and accuracy in the manufacturing process, resulting in high-quality square tubing.

What are the different surface finishes available for stainless steel square pipes?

Stainless steel square pipes are available in various surface finishes, including polished, brushed, satin, mill, powder coated, and electropolished finishes.

  • Polished finish: Provides a smooth and reflective surface for enhanced aesthetics.
  • Brushed finish: Creates a textured appearance with parallel lines or grain-like patterns.
  • Satin finish: Offers a semi-reflective and smooth surface for a balance of aesthetics and functionality.
  • Mill finish: Raw stainless steel square pipes have a dull appearance straight from the manufacturing process.
  • Powder coated finish: A dry powder is applied and heated to form a durable and decorative layer.
  • Electropolished finish: Involves the removal of a thin layer through electrolysis, resulting in a high-gloss surface.

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