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Flanges manufacturer in India

A flange can be defined as a method that helps in connecting the pipes, valves, pumps, and various other piping equipment to form a complete piping system. There are several benefits of a flange, including the fact that it offers easy access inside the pipes for cleaning, inspections, or any type of modifications. They are either screwed or welded to join with the pipes and form a part of the system. The flanged joints are made by taking two flanges and bolting them together with a gasket present between them. This helps in securing the seal more strongly.

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Steel Flanges

PED/ ISO Certified Steel Forging Company in Mumbai, India


Orifice flanges in accordance with ASME/ANSI B16.36, including weld neck, slip on, and threaded (screwed) types, are available in diameters ranging from 1" to 24" in rating classes of 300lb, 400lb, 600lb, 900lb, 1500lb, and 2500lb.

BS 4504

Blind (Code 105), Slip On Plate (Code 101), (Code 112), Weld Neck (Code 111), Threaded (Code 113) are available in diameters ranging from DN10 to DN4000, with class ratings of PN2.5, 6, 10, 16, 25, 40, 4, 100.


Spacer Blanks Spectacle Blinds for sizes up to 24" diameter in pressure classes 150lb, 300lb, 400lb, 600lb, and 900lb according to ASME/ANSI B16.48 (API 590).

JIS B2220

JIS B2220 covers blind flanges, plate flanges, slip on flanges, and weld neck flanges with diameters ranging from 10A to 1500A with rating classes of 2K, 10K, 15K, 6K, 30K, 20K, 40K, and 63K.

Open die forging vs Closed die forging

Open die forging vs Closed die forging

Open die forging is popularly known as free forging, and here a piece of metal is deformed with the help of a hammer. A hydraulic compress can also be used for pressing the metal between the simple dies. This procedure can only be applied for simple shapes, and a precision machining might be required to complete the process.
The closed die forging process involves placing the metal piece between one or more dies that have customized shapes. Then the metal is hammered or pressed so that it can flow and fill the cavities of the given shape. This process needs no or very little machining.



Stock Of Hot Forging And Cold Forging Flange at factory price In Mumbai

Forging vs Cold Rolling

The forging process involves exerting pressure on metal billets for producing plastic deformation. This is done for obtaining them of a given mechanical properties and custom shapes and sizes.

The rolling process involves the metal blank to pass through the gap between a pair of rotating rolls, which decreases the material cross section and increases its length. The degree of deformation attained by forging is much larger than what is attained by rolling. Also, the cost of forging is much higher than rolling and the former have complete metal flow lines.

Cold Rolling
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Stainless Steel Pipe

Manisha Steel is based in India and is known for being one of the major suppliers and stockholders of piping solutions for the oil and gas industry. Steel pipe, tubes, and other pipeline equipment are among our product categories.

Manufacturer of Open Die Forging and Closed Die Forging Flanges in India according to ASME, ASTM, EN, UNS, and DIN Standards
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DIN Standards

  • DIN 2527 PN6, PN10, 16, 25, 40, 64, 100 for Blind Flange
  • DIN 2630 PN1, 2.5, DIN 2631 PN6, DIN 2632 PN10, DIN 2633 PN16, DIN 2634 PN25, DIN 2635 PN40, DIN 2636 PN64, DIN 2637 PN100, DIN 2638 PN160, DIN 2628 PN250, DIN 2629 PN320, DIN 2627 PN400 for Welding Neck Flange
  • DIN 2573 PN6, DIN 2543 PN16, DIN 2576 PN10, DIN 2503 PN40 DIN 2544 PN25, DIN 2502 PN16/ 25, DIN 2545 PN40 for Flat Flange
  • DIN 2652 PN6, DIN 2653 PN10, DIN 2655 PN25, DIN 2656 PN40 for Loose Flange
  • DIN 2641 PN6 and PN10 for Lapped Joint Flange
  • DIN 2673 PN10, DIN 2675 PN25, DIN 2674 PN16, DIN 2676 PN40 for Loose Flange
  • DIN 28115 PN10, 25 for Long Neck Welding Flange
  • DIN 2561 PN16, 10 for Oval Flange with Neck Threaded
  • DIN 2558 PN6 for Oval Plain Threaded Flange
  • DIN 2565 PN6, DIN 2568 PN64, DIN 2566 PN10, DIN 2567 PN25/ 40, DIN 2566 PN16, DIN 2569 PN100 for Threaded Flange with Neck
  • Hubbed Slip On Flange for Welding, DIN 86029 PN10, DIN 86030 PN16 for diameters up to DN4000 diameter



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Today's Price at Manisha Steel (Date: 14/03/2022)

Description Price per Piece in USD Price per Piece in INR
300lb Sch Xs Weld Neck Flange (ASTM/ASME SA 105N ASME B16.5) US $ 31.28 ₹ 2,332
Reducing Flange 2X1 SCH12.7 2500# (ASTM A694 F60) US $ 12.02 ₹ 896
Blind Flange 3-1/8-5000 PSI (API 6A,PSL-2) US $ 51.09 ₹ 3,809
ANSI 4130 10000PSI Weld Neck Flange US $ 8.68 ₹ 647.44
ANSI B16.5 Slip On Raised Face Flange150# DN25 (SA/A182 GR.F304/304L) US $ 4.19 ₹ 312
RF SOCKET WELD Flange 150 XS (A105N) US $ 20.05 ₹ 1,495
CS A105 Flanges SIZE 3/4 X 600# (NPT Threaded) US $ 9.04 ₹ 674
2300LB S10S Lap Joint Ff Flange (A182 316L) US $ 37.16 ₹ 2,770

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Types of Flanges

Types of Flanges